Hollywood Loved, One Woman’s Message of Christmas and Love that Touched Hearts Around the World

The Letters That Hollywood LovedEvery year Lorraine Williams (wife of Elmo Williams, Oscar-winning, longtime film editor and film producer of Twentieth Century-Fox), found the time to write to family and friends around the world. As she typed her letters of love, inspiration and humor, little did she know that they would be awaited with such anticipation. Lorraine’s annual Christmas letters, along with letters regaling her film-related escapades, found their way into the hearts of the people she loved as she traveled through England, France, Germany, Afghanistan and the United States with her family.

Adopting three children, working on film scripts, learning the various languages necessary to negotiate life for a family of five …. nothing could keep Lorraine from making heart-felt connections with people everywhere; for many her letters made their holiday season complete.

The Letters That Hollywood LovedLorraine became well known over the years as a gifted speaker and community leader. Sincer her death in 2004, her husband received literally hundreds of requests to compile her letters so that friends and relatives could have the joy of hearing her voice once again. This collection represents the best of Lorraine Williams.

“In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and all the cards we received, the most awaited were Lorraine’s, her words like descriptions of heaven itself. Everything sould seem to come to a welcome stop – new vistas opened as we got a chance to look at life through her pen and mind…a true moment of serl-reflection. We are all profoundly happy that you have published her letters; this is a book that should be in everyone’s library.”

Ernest Borgnine, Actor

“Before I awake from the magic spell of your Christmas letter, Lorraine, let me declare that its beauty should be published in Gath and shouted in the streets of Askalon. The bold yet gentle wings of your poesy should be shared; such light should not just warm the hearts of your favored few… the whole world is hungry for beauty like this. Thank you.”

Frank Capra, Film Director