Elmo Williams

Editor, Director, Producer, Author

Elmo Williams, His Life and Loves
Elmo Williams – Born April 1913

Elmo  had a long and distinguished career in film and television earning an Academy Award as film editor for “High Noon”.

Following is a just a taste of Elmo’s accomplishments.

Loving Husband to Lorraine


  • Academy Award Winner “High Noon”, Film Editor
  • Academy Award Nominated “Dear Ma”, Producer
  • Academy Award Winner “Design For Death”, Producer & Editor
  • Academy Award Nominated “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, Editor
  • Academy Award Nominated documentary “The Cowboy”, Producer, Director, Photographer, & Editor – with wife Lorraine

Television – Produced & Directed

  • Hopalong Cassidy Series
  • Bozo the Clown Series (live & filmed)
  • Dear Ma, nominated for an Academy Award
  • Regal Pale Beer Commercial Series (nominated for a TV Emmy Award)


Elmo shared not only his life and love in Hollywood but also memorialized the graciousness exhibited by wife Lorraine in her letters of love, inspiration and humor.